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Master List - June 2016

Sorted by category and fandom, you'll find below the cuts all the amazing fanworks created by this year's participants, for your perusal and entertainment -- and finally with the names attached! Now comments can be answered and works reposted all over the web, and pimping shall commence far and wide!

Recipients: while it's in no way a rule and requirement to comment on your gift (and most of you have done so already), it's nevertheless highly encouraged. Someone created something especially for you, and the least you can do is say thank-you, even if you yourself had to drop out.

If you haven't added your fanwork to the AO3 collection, and you want to, you can add it here: Holmestice Exchange - Summer 2016.

And now, without further ado, the Grand Reveal!

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Many thanks to everyone who participated! If you see any mistakes or omissions in the master list, please email the mods and we'll get it fixed up ASAP.

We'll be editing the posts now to put all the author/artist and beta information in there as well, but it's going to take some time. Please have a little patience; we'll get there.

The End! And Guessing Post!

Well, that's it for this round!

We've posted exchange gifts for 41 fanwork creators in just under 2 weeks.

Reveals and the master list will be posted on the summer solstice - Monday, June 20th.

In the mean time, read the fic or view the art or listen to the podfic. And comment here or our AO3 collection to let these creators know how much we've all appreciated their work.

If you'd like to take a guess about who created which work, feel free to leave it in the comments. But we won't tell until the 20th. :)

fic for rabidsamfan: Good for the soul

Title: Good for the soul
Recipient: rabidsamfan
Author: hiddenlacuna
Verse: ACD Holmes AU
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson; Holmes/Moriarty; Watson/Morstan
Rating: Mature
Betas: vulgarweed, drbeardface
Warnings: Major character death; ACD AU; magical realism; soulmate AU; death; minor character death; nasty things happening to innocent people in passing; angst; ambiguous ending; canon-typical drug use
Summary: Post-Reichenbach epistolary confession from Holmes to Watson

Good for the soulCollapse )

fic for methylviolet10b: My Dear Watson

Title: My Dear Watson
Recipient: methylviolet10b
Author: knowmefirst
Characters/Pairings: pre-slash-Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Warnings: mild violence, AU, and mild OOC.
Summary: Sometimes love is there all along, but we all need a little bit of push in the most difficult times to see it clearly.
Notes: Dear methylviolet10b, I hope you like it, it has been a long time since I wrote something for this verse and honestly I had so much fun. Also, a big thank you to S for the last minute beta. Thank you, hon. I really appreciate you helping me so last minute. All other errors are all mine.

Also on AO3: "My Dear Watson"

My Dear WatsonCollapse )

Vid for horrorfangirl: How Long

Title: How Long
Recipient: horrorfangirl
Artist: knowmefirst
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock/Molly
Rating: PG
Warnings: A tiny bit of Angst.
Notes: dear horrorfangirl, I hope you like it, and I apologize in advance for the tiny bit of angst. That wasn't my intention, but these kids just don't play nice.

Also on AO3: "How Long"

Vid: How Long...Collapse )
Title: so that you will hear me
Recipient: venusinthenight
Author: k_e_p
Characters/Pairings: Shirley/Jane; Jane/Robbie
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Mentions of stalking
Summary: She needs Jane to know.

so that you will hear meCollapse )

Fic for trickybonmot: Ford (1/5)

Title: Ford
Recipient: trickybonmot
Author: burnt_hearts
Characters/Pairings: SH/JW, past JW/MM
Rating: Mature (some violence, sexuality, and swearing)
Warnings: None
Summary: He turns back round then and looks down at me, eyes curious. “Your name, W.S.S. Holmes.” That’s not my name. “Is it Walter? Or Wilbur? Maybe something really awful like, er,” he smiles wryly, “Willoughby? Winchester?”

I feel my face go blank as my body numbs over. “Scott,” I say, voice devoid of emotion. “My name is Scott.”

Also on AO3: "Ford" (slightly revised from LJ's version)

Ford, pt. 1Collapse )
Title: The Hedonic Calculus of Cuddling
Recipient: biswholocked
Author: verdant_fire
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock & John, Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-ish
Warnings: none
Notes: Thanks to goldenusagi for the beta!
Summary: Sherlock accidentally discovers the therapeutic benefits of touching John, and sets out to replicate his findings. He neglects, however, to tell John first.

The Hedonic Calculus of CuddlingCollapse )
Title: Something Good (Will Come From That)
Recipient: gardnerhill
Author: sanguinity
Characters/Pairings: Holmes & Watson; Holmes/Watson
Rating: General
Summary: One hundred years of moving pictures about Holmes and Watson.
Author Notes:

My deepest thanks to my collaborator and source-monkey, k_e_p, without whom this would have required twice the work and been half as good. Major thanks also to grrlpup, who watched many hours of source and many drafts of the vid, and to ghost_lingering, who provided excellent beta and technical advice.

If you spot an error in the source list, please say so. I am especially uncertain that I have credited the correct actors for Jighangsha (1951). If there’s anyone out there who can double-check against the in-film credits (which are in Bengali script), that would be a great boon, thank you.

gardnerhill, I trust balance has been maintained in the Force. ;-)

Also on AO3: "Something Good (Will Come From That)"

Something Good (Will Come From That)Collapse )

SourcesCollapse )


I saw you strolling by your solitary
Am I nosy? Very very!
I’d like to bet a juicy huckleberry
What you’re after is a boy
We’re both in luck for introductions are not necessary…

Mm-mm-mm, would you like to take a walk?
Mm-mm-mm, do you think it’s gonna rain?
Mm-mm-mm, how about a sarsparilla?
Gee, the moon is yellow!
Something good will come from that.

Mm-mm-mm, have you heard the latest song?
Mm-mm-mm, it’s a very pretty strain.
Mm-mm-mm, don’t you feel a little thrilly?
Gee, it’s getting chilly!
Something good will come from that!

When you’re strolling through the where-sis
You need a who-sis to lean upon
When you have no who-sis
To hug and what-sis

Mm-mm-mm, would you like to take a walk?
Mm-mm-mm, do you think it’s gonna rain?
Mm-mm-mm, aren’t you tired of the talkies?
I prefer the walkies
Something good will come from that.

Walking and talking with a girl like you
Is about the sweetest thing any boy can do
I’d rather be romancing than walking, dear
I’d rather be dancing… Oh, let’s dance here.

Doot-doo-doo, have you heard the song of spring?
Doot-doo-doo, you can hear it everywhere.
Doot-doo-doo, when you see the little roses
Turning up their noses
Something good will come from that.

Mm-mm-mm, when you see a butterfly
Mm-mm-mm, nodding to a buttercup
Mm-mm-mm, when you hear a little cricket
Chirping in the thicket
Something good will come from that.

Oh, say, I'd love to be your who-sis
We could go where-sis most every night
We could love and what-sis
You’d find your who-sis just right.

Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, take a walk in lover’s lane
Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, then you’ll hear that song of spring
Doot-doo-doot-doo-doo, when you hear those lovers sighing
Then there’s no denying
Something good will come from that!
...and that!
...and that!


fic for sanguinity: A Time to Remember

Title: A Time To Remember
Recipient: sanguinity
Author: venusinthenight
Fandom: Watson and Holmes (comic)
Characters: Violetta Smith, Irene Adlero, original female character
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None apply
Summary: The Adventuress was a pivotal album for Violetta, but meeting the woman who made it would become life-changing.

Additional Comments: I was very happy to see your request for Irene and Violetta fic that I had to write them! I had a fantastic time doing so.

Lots of thanks to my beta reader.

Also on AO3: "A Time to Remember"

A Time to RememberCollapse )
Title: Till the very fire touched them
Recipient: saki101
Artist: camillo1978
Characters/Pairings: BBC John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Rating: PG
Warnings: Kissing, mention of bubonic plague and associated symptoms.
Summary: So this is the brief summary of the 150,000 word historical AU I would have written if I was capable of producing epic fic. The title is a quote from the Diaries of Samuel Pepys and the art is shown below.

Continued summary and art under the cutCollapse )

Title: The Cuttleknowle Curse
Recipient: theanglophile
Author: dioscureantwins
Beta: Many, many thanks to the wonderfully patient swissmarg and the lovely ukaunz
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, OCs, past Sherlock/Victor Trevor
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: “That’s enough,” John said, putting down his cup a little more forcefully than he intended. Even his patience had its limits and any comparison with Mycroft meant Sherlock came dangerously close to crossing that line. “If you’ve solved the case from the comfort of our sofa I’ll be happy to text Iorwerth the outcome. If not, I’d like to text him we’ll be on the first train tomorrow. A murder and a kidnapping to boot. If it had been anyone else you’d be leaping about shouting Christmas had come early.”

Happy Holmestice, TheAnglophile! Somehow I’m convinced our wonderful mods surprised me with your wonderful assignment because you were one of the few expressing an interest in receiving a fic featuring my OTP. However, your wishes were so inspiring I decided to forego the Holmes brothers for once and explore an altogether different avenue. Now keeping my fingers crossed you won’t think it tedious.

Also on AO3: "The Cuttleknowle Curse"

The Cuttleknowle CurseCollapse )


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