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[sticky post] Holmestice is at Dreamwidth Now

This is a sticky note for the community noting that we are permanently at Dreamwidth now (and have been). Although we post announcements here intermittently and link back to the Dreamwidth community all content is posted at Dreamwidth.

Furthermore, we backed up the entire community, comments and all, to Dreamwidth when we made the switch. There is no reason to use LJ if you are uncomfortable doing so.

Finally, with being fully backed up to Dreamwidth, you can request that we pull your stories from the LJ site if they are posted directly to the community (and not linked out to another site). What this means is the mods will edit the LJ entry to contain just header information and a link directly to the corresponding Dreamwidth post with the full content.

Here is a form to fill out if you would like works pulled from LJ. As always, please feel free to email the mods with questions at holmesticemods at gmail

Master List - Winter 2018

The Master List for Winter 2018 is up at the Dreamwidth Community!

Posting Begins Tomorrow!

Holmestice @ Dreamdwidth

The schedule is built, we're collecting the very last of the works, and we're ready to begin posting tomorrow, Dec 1st! (Or, depending on your time zone: today, Dec 1st!) We will not be posting headers or individual story posts here on LJ, please check out the Dreamwidth Community for the most up-to-date posts!

This round, we have forty-six works in fifteen universes -- many of which are new to the exchange this round! Because we have so many works, we're extending posting by a day: posting will run December 1st through December 15th. The guessing post will go up December 16th, and reveals will remain as scheduled on December 21st. (Can you squeeze all your guessing shenanigans into five days? We trust that you can!) Most days we will post three works; we'll try to keep them well-spaced, but we trust you'll understand if mod schedules cause the posts to skew one way or another. :-)

Please remember that all gifts are anonymous until reveals on the 21st. Creators may reply to comments on AO3 (which protects your anonymity); creators may not reply to comments on Dreamwidth.

Also, we accept treats right through until reveals: if you feel like making something extra for someone, whether you were assigned to them or not, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the mods. (holmesticemods at gmail dot com)

Happy Holmestice, everyone! Have fun reading, viewing, admiring, and commenting!

Holmestice @ Dreamdwidth

Betas, Britpickers, and Pinch-hitters!

If you'd like to help out with this round of Holmestice as a beta, Britpicker, or pinch-hitter (or if you need a beta or Brit-picker yourself!), please do so on our volunteer posts!

Beta/Britpicker Volunteer Post
Pinch-Hitter Volunteer Post
Keep an eye on your inbox for your match email!

Sign-ups Close Today!

As long as it's still October 1 somewhere in the world, you can still get your sign-up in over at the the Dreamwidth community!

Sign-up Template

Sign ups open until October 1st!

Just a friendly reminder that signups are still open over at the Dreamwidth community until October 1st!

Winter 2018 Sign-ups are Open!

The Winter 2018 round of Holmestice is now open for sign-ups over at Dreamwidth!

You can sign up with either a Dreamwidth login or your LJ OpenID. Sign-ups close October 1, and works are due Nov 21. Please ask us if you have any questions, here in comments or via the mod email: holmesticemods(at)gmail(dot)com.

Come join in the fun!
As with the last three rounds, we'll be on Dreamwidth again, and we WILL be keeping the option to post your work to AO3 instead of having it hosted on Dreamwidth. (The same as this summer)

Sign-ups will be on DW; matching will be done by hand behind-the-scenes; works will be announced on DW and made anonymously visible a few per day throughout the posting period; the individual works themselves will be on Dreamwidth, AO3, or both, depending on the creator's preferences.

NEW! Holmestice is branching out to various social media sites in an attempt to engage more of fandom! This means we are planning on mirroring all announcement posts to Tumblr and Twitter. We will also make announcements to the original LJ Holmestice community (for those of you who watch that). Oh and for you on Pillowfort (both mods are), here's a BRAND NEW community/fort: Pillowfort Holmestice We will NOT post works or direct links to works on those sites and communities, but instead will simply link back to DW with entreaties to come read and access the works here and on AO3. We are happy to reblog/retweet though so just shoot us an email or message if you'd like us to do so.

Please let us know what questions you have!

The schedule for this next round:
September 17 - sign-ups open
October 1 - sign-ups close
October 8 - matches sent
November 21 - assignments due
December 1 - posting begins
December 14 - posting ends
December 21 - creator reveals

As usual, any help in advertising the community would be wonderful! Here are two existing banners you can use:
Holmestice bannersCollapse )
And of course if you would like to make your own promotional graphic for the exchange, we welcome that!

Posting Begins Tomorrow for Winter 2017!

Posting for the winter round of holmestice will run from Dec 1 to Dec 15, over at Dreamwidth!

Come join us!
This is just a friendly reminder that Holmestice has migrated to Dreamwidth. If you're still watching/checking in on this community, we're about to start Winter 2017 round over there.


Here is our schedule:
Sign-ups OPEN - September 26th
Sign-ups CLOSE - October 10th
Assignments GO OUT - October 17th
Assignments DUE - November 21st
Posting BEGINS - Dec 1st
Posting ENDS - Dec 14th
REVEALS - Dec 21st

Be sure to check us out on dreamwidth for additional information!

Sign-ups close tomorrow!

Just a reminder: sign-ups close tomorrow, May 1! (As long as it's still Monday somewhere in the world, you're still good to sign up.)

Holmestice is being hosted at Dreamwidth this round; please see the community profile and the sign-up info-post for dates and instructions!

Summer 2017 Sign-ups are open!

Summer 2017 Holmestice sign-ups are open over at Dreamwidth!

Full directions are in the post over there. If you find you have any trouble signing up, please email the mods (holmesticemods at gmail), and we'll see what we can do to solve it.


Summer 2017 Holmestice!

Thanks for all the input from the community! There were a variety of opinions, but it looks like most people are comfortable moving the exchange to Dreamwidth. We'll move there for the summer round, and will let people cross-post to AO3 as they wish (as we've done in the past). Summer 2017 will work identically to our past few rounds, with the exception of being held on DW instead of LJ.

Based on comments, we've rewritten the proposed schedule to allow more time to create your fanworks:

17 April - Sign-ups open
1 May - Sign-ups close
6 May - Assignments sent
3 Jun - Assignments due
10 Jun - Posting begins
20 Jun - Posting ends
27 Jun - Reveals posted

Please note: because our window for posting works is so compressed this round, we will not allow second extensions. If you cannot meet an extension, we will send your prompt to a pinch hitter.

During these next months, we will also test some AO3 features behind-the-scenes, so we have a better idea of how an AO3-based exchange might work by the time we get to the winter round.

Lastly, we're still working out the details of closing down the LJ side of the comm. If you have further comments or concerns about that, please continue adding them to the previous post. (LJ; DW)

Again, thank you all for your comments, and we're looking forward to a great summer round!

(x-posted to DW)

LJ TOS and Planning for the Summer Round

A couple orders of business before we start our summer round!

First, given the new LiveJournal Terms of Service, we are questioning the long-term sustainability of hosting Holmestice at LiveJournal. The new TOS seems to be explicitly anti-smut and implicitly anti-LGBTQ+; furthermore, we have questions about whether the new TOS protects author and artist copyrights of material posted on LJ. Since it seems within possibility that LiveJournal might pull the plug on Holmestice at any time under the new Terms of Service (a la Strikethrough and Boldthrough in 2007), we've taken the liberty of backing up the entire community, entries and comments all, at Dreamwidth.

You can find the mirror at holmestice.dreamwidth.org. Your entries and comments are still under your own control, via an "OpenID" account associated with your LiveJournal username. From the Dreamwidth FAQ:

For as long as you have control of your LiveJournal account, you have full control of your Dreamwidth OpenID account. We know many people are deleting their LJs right now: if you merge your OpenID account into a new or existing Dreamwidth account, then you can continue to control all your posts and comments even after deleting your LJ account. (If you delete before merging, however, your OpenID account will be essentially orphaned.)

Second, there's the question of where/how to host this next round of Holmestice. As we see it, there are three options for this round, with a fourth possibility for future rounds:

  1. Continue on at LiveJournal, no changes.
  2. Officially move to Dreamwidth, then continue there without further changes. People may use DW or LJ (via OpenID) accounts to participate. People currently commenting with Google accounts will need to login via another service.
  3. Hybridized LJ(or DW)/AO3, with all works posted at AO3 (and only at AO3). Sign-ups and matching will continue to be done here, the same as usual. Everyone will need an AO3 account for posting.
  4. Fully AO3, with LJ or DW being used only to answer questions, announce dates, etc. Nominations, tagsets, automated matching, etc., will all happen on AO3. Everyone will need an AO3 account. (Unfortunately, we can't do that for this round, because it requires more lead time than we have.)

We-the-mods are leaning away from the first option and toward the second, but we want your input!

Third, we're so sorry, but we got caught off-guard by the TOS change, and so we're abruptly a week or two behind where we had meant to be this week! (We had meant to be making an announcement that sign-ups will be opening soon, not having a conversation about how/where this round will be happening.)

Consequently, we're proposing making this a flash round, with a somewhat shortened schedule:

25 Apr - Sign-ups open
2 May - Sign-ups close
9 May - All assignments sent out
30 May - Fanworks due
6 Jun - Posting begins
16 Jun - Posting ends

We're thinking of keeping the same 1K and associated minimums -- we've seen how productive you all can be over four weeks! -- but would ask that people keep their requests and prompts a little simpler this go, to make it easier on creators. If you have strenuous objections to this shortened schedule, please let us know!

Lastly, we know that some people are twitchy about logging into LJ right now, so… anonymous commenting is on for LJ, but please identify yourself. Also, we're cross-posting this at both LJ and DW, so please keep an eye on both discussions, and use this as an opportunity to test out how those open IDs work if you've never used Dreamwidth!

(x-posted at Dreamwidth)

Master List - December 2016

Sorted by category and fandom, you'll find below the cuts all the amazing fanworks created by this year's participants, for your perusal and entertainment and finally with the names attached. Now comments can be answered and works reposted all over the web, and pimping shall commence far and wide!

Recipients: while it's in no way a rule and requirement to comment on your gift (and most of you have done so already), it's nevertheless highly encouraged. Someone created something especially for you, and the least you can do is say thank-you, even if you yourself had to drop out.

If you haven't added your fanwork to the AO3 collection, and you want to, you can add it here: Holmestice Exchange - Winter 2016.

And now, without further ado, the Grand Reveal!

ArtworkCollapse )

IconsCollapse )

FictionCollapse )

PodficCollapse )

VidsCollapse )

Many thanks to everyone who participated! If you see any mistakes or omissions in the master list, please email the mods and we'll get it fixed up ASAP.

We'll be editing the posts now to put all the author/artist and beta information in there as well, but it's going to take some time. Please have a little patience; we'll get there.
Title: Metriacanthosaurus watsoni
Recipient: k_e_p
Author: colebaltblue
Verse: ACD Canon
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1046
Warnings: None
Summary: Holidaying on the Jurassic Coast goes considerably better than holidays in Jurassic Park if movies are to be believed.
Author's Note: I told my beta I was going to write a dinosaur hunting story. My beta got to the end and called me a "dirty bait and switcher". Which yes, because Watson discovered a Plesiosaur. I was a bit defensive about there "not being a lot of dinosaurs in England!" until just before I sent this for posting when I decided to Do Better Research. Mistakes due to last-minute changes are all mine. Significant liberties taken.

Metriacanthosaurus watsoniCollapse )

Treat for rabidsamfan: Re Solution

Title: Re Solution
Recipient: rabidsamfan
Author: capt_facepalm
Verse: The Seven Percent Solution
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson, Mrs Martha Freud, others mentioned
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 525
Warnings: Oblique reference to drug use
Summary: Dr Sigmund Freud is not the only Freud who can treat a troubled mind
Author's Note: The author is not very familiar with this verse. Liberties have been taken. #BetaWhatBeta
Vienna, 1891Collapse )

Please thank your creators!

It looks like LJ may not be notifying people when entries are posted and their user name is tagged? In the past, LJ usually notifies a user when a post goes up with their user name in it - I don't think that happened unless you were specifically tracking the community for all posts. If you were counting on LJ to notify you when a gift was posted via an automatic email then LJ let you down.

We've noticed that our comment volume has really dropped off and a significant number of gifts haven't been commented on. The mods highly suspect it's for the above reason.

Since ALL gifts have now been posted, please take this time before reveals to thank your creator! Thanking the person who created your gift feels as good as when you get thanked yourself! We all exchange gifts with each other, so please make an effort to drop a thank you in the comments if you can.
Title: Podfic of The Glass Half Full, by Garonne
Recipient: garonne and phoenixfalls
Podfic Reader: sanguinity
Verse: ACD Canon
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson (unresolved), Mary/Watson
Rating: G
Length: 2,524 words, approx 18 minutes
Summary: Nothing but unspoken words and unspent passions, declarations never made and caresses never given.

Holmes and Mary Watson have an after-dinner conversation about Watson.

Podficcer's Notes: Phoenixfalls requested a podfic of their own work or a work they've recommended. After their recommendation reminded me of Garonne's poignant "The Glass Half-Full," I trotted over to Garonne's journal to obtain permissions, only to discover that they, too, had requested podfic! So this is a joint gift for the both of you. I trust you'll share nicely.

Thanks to REDACTED for beta and REDACTED for Brit-listening.

The Glass Half Full



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