Holmestice is at Dreamwidth Now

This is a sticky note for the community noting that we are permanently at Dreamwidth now. Although we post announcements here intermittently and link back to the Dreamwidth community all content is posted at Dreamwidth.

Furthermore, we backed up the entire community, comments and all, to Dreamwidth when we made the switch. There is no reason to use LJ if you are uncomfortable doing so.

Finally, with being fully backed up to Dreamwidth, you can request that we pull your stories from the LJ site if they are posted directly to the community (and not linked out to another site). What this means is the mods will edit the LJ entry to contain just header information and a link directly to the corresponding Dreamwidth post with the full content.

Here is a form to fill out if you would like works pulled from LJ. As always, please feel free to email the mods with questions at holmesticemods at gmail

Winter 2019 Schedule

The equinox is approaching, which means that it's time to get ready for the December round of Holmestice! As usual, Holmestice will be held at the Dreamwidth community.

Sign-ups Open: Sept 22
Sign-ups Close: Oct 6
Matches Sent: Oct 14
Assignments Due: Nov 24
Posting Begins: Dec 1
Posting Ends: Dec 14
Reveals: Dec 21

Clear your schedules, start planning your sign-ups, and spread the word far and wide!

Here are some banners you can use to help spread the word!
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And for those who missed the earlier announcement, we're still collecting responses on our Holmestice Questionnaire! We're presenting about Holmestice at the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium in October, and we'd love to know more about how and why you Holmestice!

Summer 2019 Schedule

It's getting to be Holmestice time again!

As always, Holmestice is an anonymous gift exchange for all Holmesian fandoms and all kinds of digitally-hostable fanworks -- fic, art, graphics, fanmixes, and vids!

As with previous rounds, we'll be on Dreamwidth again; furthermore, everyone will have the option to post their work to AO3 instead of having it hosted on Dreamwidth. That is: sign-ups will be on DW; matching will be done by hand behind-the-scenes; works will be announced on DW and made visible a few per day throughout the anonymous posting period. The individual works themselves will be on Dreamwidth, AO3, or both, depending on the creator's preferences.

In an effort to engage more of the fandom, Holmestice has been branching out to various social media sites! This means we are planning on mirroring all announcement posts to Tumblr, Twitter, and Pillowfort. We will also continue to make announcements to the original LJ Holmestice community. We will NOT post works or links to works on those sites and communities, but instead will simply link back to DW with entreaties to come read and access the works here and on AO3. We are happy to reblog/retweet though so just shoot us an email or message if you'd like us to do so.

Please let us know what questions you have!

The schedule for this next round:
Mar 27 Sign-ups open
April 10 Sign-ups close
April 17 Assignments sent out
May 24 Assignments are due
June 1 Posting begins
June 14 Posting ends
June 21 Creators revealed

As usual, any help in advertising the community would be wonderful! Here are two existing banners you can use:
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And of course if you would like to make your own promotional graphic for the exchange, we welcome that!

We're looking forward to this coming round and hope you are, too!

Posting Begins Tomorrow!

Holmestice @ Dreamdwidth

The schedule is built, we're collecting the very last of the works, and we're ready to begin posting tomorrow, Dec 1st! (Or, depending on your time zone: today, Dec 1st!) We will not be posting headers or individual story posts here on LJ, please check out the Dreamwidth Community for the most up-to-date posts!

This round, we have forty-six works in fifteen universes -- many of which are new to the exchange this round! Because we have so many works, we're extending posting by a day: posting will run December 1st through December 15th. The guessing post will go up December 16th, and reveals will remain as scheduled on December 21st. (Can you squeeze all your guessing shenanigans into five days? We trust that you can!) Most days we will post three works; we'll try to keep them well-spaced, but we trust you'll understand if mod schedules cause the posts to skew one way or another. :-)

Please remember that all gifts are anonymous until reveals on the 21st. Creators may reply to comments on AO3 (which protects your anonymity); creators may not reply to comments on Dreamwidth.

Also, we accept treats right through until reveals: if you feel like making something extra for someone, whether you were assigned to them or not, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the mods. (holmesticemods at gmail dot com)

Happy Holmestice, everyone! Have fun reading, viewing, admiring, and commenting!

Holmestice @ Dreamdwidth